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Hi and well done!

For being the type of guy who is willing to invest a few minutes of your valuable time having a look around our site.

We know how busy you are and we promise to give you the no fluff, no B.S version of what we do and how we can help you.

Firstly though, here’s a few quick stats:

• 1/3 men will get cancer

• 56% of Men are unhappy with their bodies, compared with only 15% some 25 years ago

• 70% of men will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives

YES, these statistics are extremely scary, however a few small changes to your lifestyle can have an enormous positive impact on your health.

With the right type of support, and plan in place, you can start feeling better in a matter of weeks…

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Are you fed up with your body shape?
  • Is your confidence and mental health suffering because of it?
  • Are you failing to lose weight and get the results you want?
  • Do your energy levels go up and down like a yo-yo?
  • Do you struggle with motivation?
  • Are you embarrassed about your fitness levels?
  • Are you already going to the gym BUT failing to see results?
  • Do you want to improve how you look and feel?

If the answer is ‘YES‘ then we can help you because we’ve helped hundreds of men just like you completely transform their body shape, improve performance and boost health – just ask our clients!


We are extremely passionate about helping people reach their goals and have years of experience working with a wide range of clientele, which has helped us to develop a deep understanding of what our clients want and need.

Whether you’re old, young, fit or unfit, looking to build muscle, annihilate body fat or train for a specific event, competition or sport we have the solutions and we want to help you.


You’ll be taken through your journey step-by-step, accompanied by a highly experienced, and enthusiastic coach – who is dedicated to helping you get the results you want.

Your personal trainer will go through your custom plan(s) with you; demonstrating exercises, teaching you techniques, educating, inspiring, and supporting you every single step of the way.

Private personal training studio…

When you join LEP Fitness, you get to train in a luxurious private personal training studio, where you get to use the best, and most modern gym equipment to help you reach your goal(s).

Guaranteed Results…

At LEP Fitness we can guarantee results, because we have mastered our craft, and have a wealth of experience when it comes to body transformations.

We have a proven track record of results, and we know that If you follow our advice, that results are 100% Guaranteed – just read our client success stories!

Our Philosophy…

LEP stands for the ‘Life Enrichment Program’ and that’s exactly what we do, greatly ‘enhance’ the lives of the people we work with. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and delivering exceptional results.

The passion to help you and others get into the best shape of your life is what drives our actions on a daily basis – it’s why we “Go the Extra Mile” for all our members.

When we are not training clients, we work on our own training, study human anatomy, performance and psychology, and spend hours and hours developing our coaching skills.

Throughout the year, we also attend multiple training courses to ensure that we stay at the top of our profession. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves as personal trainers, and the service we deliver to our clients.

Our Commitment To You…

We deliver results as fast as possible, and supply you with absolutely everything you’re going to need and more!

Personal training sessions, recipe books, meal plan(s), workout plans(s), extra support outside of sessions (via text, email, WhatsApp – or whatever your preferred form of communication!).

We’re here to GET YOU RESULTS and we will put in as much work as necessary to ensure that’s accomplished.


We’ve developed 4 tailored personal training packages to help you:


  • Build A Body You Can Be Proud Of 
  • Grow Muscle In A Matter Of Weeks
  • Feel Confident With Your Top Off 
  • One–to- One Private Coaching 
  • Personalised Food Plan For Building Muscle 
  • Full Support from Start to Finish

Who is this program ideal for?

  • Skinny guys wanting to bulk up
  • Men who are looking to build a muscular/athletic physique 


It’s extremely important for you to look and feel confident in your own skin. Having bigger, stronger muscles gives you a long lasting boost of confidence, not just with your outside appearance, but it boosts your inner confidence too.

What to expect from this program… 

Whether you want to gain 4-10lbs of lean muscle and bulk up a little, or whether you are wanting to gain some serious muscle mass (14lbs or more) we have the knowledge, and experience, and will create a plan of action to get you there.

We will coach, educate, and share our muscle building secrets with you, and provide as much support as needed, to ensure you build up as much strength and muscle as possible over the shortest period of time.


  • Rapid Weight Loss Program
  • Improve Muscle Definition 
  • Feel Confident On The Outside (And Inside!) 
  • One to One Private Personal Training
  • Personalised Weight Loss Food Plan
  • 180 Tasty Fat Loss Recipes (Practical, Easy, Delicious!)  

Who is this program ideal for?

  • Overweight/obese guys who are looking to trim down and boost confidence 
  • Men who are wanting a lean and athletic beach body


Our most popular package to date! The Fat Annihilation program is famous for destroying body fat, improving muscle definition and boosting confidence.

Basically…we are going to help you burn as much body fat as possible over the shortest period of time.

Our Fat Annihilation program is guaranteed to blitz body fat, whilst improving your overall body shape – so you look and feel great both in and out clothes.

We will take you through a series of fat loss personal training sessions, which have been specifically designed to get your body to burn fat from problematic areas, whilst building lean muscle tissue and enhancing the overall look and shape of your body.

You’ll receive your very own personalised nutritional plan, and extra workouts to follow outside of your personal training sessions – these workouts can be done either in the gym (or at home!) – whatever your preference, and are designed to help you annihilate even more body fat on a day-to-day basis.

You’ll also be professionally educated on training and nutrition so your results can last a life time.


  • Double Your Performance 
  • Increase Athleticism 
  • Beat the Competition
  • Workout Optimisation – getting you the most bang for your buck!  
  • One-to-One Private Coaching 
  • Personalised Food Plan
  • Full Support from Start to Finish

Who is this program ideal for?

  • Sports players wanting to boost performance – football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, etc.
  • Guys looking to improve their fitness – running, cardio, muscular strength/endurance, core strength, mobility.
  • Men looking to compete in events – 5-10k runs, Tough Mudder, Iron Man, Marathons, etc.


If you play for a sports team, or are looking to complete a specific fitness event then this package is for you.

Your personal training sessions will be tailored to meet the specifics of your sport, focusing on aspects such as: athleticism, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility and reactions, depending on what your sport or event requires and the areas you wish to improve.

We will look at all aspects such as techniques, training periodisation, nutrition and recovery so you can stand out from the crowd and reach peak performance when you need it the most.


LEP Fitness has worked with athletes from a wide range of sports including professional Canadian Ice Hockey players, rugby, football, athletics, and professional basketball players.

The Peak Performance program is guaranteed to take your performance to a whole new level.


  • Lose Weight Quickly
  • Firm Up Your Body Shape
  • Become A Role Model (fit dad!) 
  • Enjoy A Beer & Takeout At The Weekend!
  • One-to- One Private Personal Training Sessions 
  • Personalised ‘Flexible’ Food Plan
  • Full Support from Start to Finish

What do Andrew Flintoff, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Simon Cowell have in common (apart from fame and fortune)? They all have what’s known as a ‘Dad Bod’.

A what-bod, I hear you say?

The Dad Bod is the latest trend for the male physique. Once upon a time men craved sculpted six-packs, that could grate cheese, and biceps the size of tree trunks, now a cuddly torso and gentle paunch is all that’s required according to recent polls. The Dad Bod is “a nice balance between a slight beer gut and working out”. It’s basically like saying ‘I workout and go to the gym, but I also enjoy a few beers on a weekend, and eating some pizza!’.

The Dad Bod package is aimed at Dads wanting to improve body composition, and get fitter. This program takes into account your current lifestyle, as we look for ways to incorporate fast improvements, so you look and feel more confident, whilst enjoy a few treats along the way.

Your journey matters to us…

There’s a huge amount of work that goes into providing the LEP Experience. Every imaginable detail is well thought out and tested, with the aim of providing each customer with the best experience possible.

As well as your personal training sessions, recipe books, meal plan(s), and workout programmes, we also pay attention to making you feel as comfortable, and well looked after as possible, for example…

If you’re thirsty during a workout… we’ll get you a fresh bottle of water, or some tasty juice to quench your thirst.

If you’re tired, and need a caffeine boost, we’ll happily make you a tea or coffee… to give you that extra surge of energy for your workout.

Each session, you’ll receive a soft, fresh towel – for that extra little bit of comfort.

We’ll also ask you about your music preferences, so that we can put on your favourite songs and artists – to get those feel good endorphins surging around your body, helping you with your workout.

Who We Work With…

We’ve worked with people from all types of different backgrounds and professions; doctors, dentists, teachers, fire service, policemen, business owners, basketball and ice hockey players, writers, stay at home dads, you name it!

All that we ask for is 100% Commitment.

We will spend time creating your plans, coaching you throughout the sessions, and give you every bit of help and support that you need, BUT you must be fully committed.

We value both your time, and our own, and want to work with people who are serious about making a positive change to their lives.

Interested? Send us a message

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Happy Customers…