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How To Become A Personal Trainer…

How To Become A Personal Trainer…

The personal training industry is a great career to go into because…

  1. There are literally millions of people who need your help.
  2. You have the power and influence to improve people lives, and to help them live longer.
  3. It can be extremely well paid and you can potentially earn up to £100,000 per year!

If you’re new to the industry it can be hard knowing where to start, but that’s exactly why I have written this blog post to help get you get going…

#1 Why Personal Training?

First off all you need to get clear on your intentions and why you want to help people on the gym floor. Is it to help people lose weight? or to build muscle? or perhaps both!. You may want to work with athletes or the local football team. The most important thing before starting out is understanding what you want to achieve and who you’d like to help.

#2 Get Qualified

By law you need to be qualified and it’s also a great opportunity to learn from some excellent personal training courses – you can check out some courses here . You’ll learn about anatomy and physiology, the different components of fitness, how to take postural assessments and how to give out correct nutritional advice. All of these skills combined will help you transform your clients health and fitness and will give you a great starting platform to develop your career.

#3 Get Experience

Nothing beats 1-1 personal training experience, being on the gym floor and interacting with a wide variety of customers. It’s a bit like learning to drive, the real learning doesn’t start until after you’ve passed your test – when you are out on the road by yourself!

The best thing you can do once you become qualified is to start practicing with real clients and learn along the way. Train your friends, and family members and offer people free sessions at the gym. You will learn a lot and also potentially pick up some paying customers!

#4 Be Enthusiastic

If you work on the gym floor you are literally seeing hundreds of people each day, many of these customers will need extra professional help and support. Be polite, friendly and enthusiastic with everybody that you meet. Go up to customers on the gym floor and tell them that they are doing a great job and give them some free advice. You’ll feel amazing giving out help and you will also attract customers who are willing to pay you to learn even more!

#5 Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid of asking other personal trainers for advice. Look at the ones you aspire to be like and ask them for some tips e.g. how to attract clients, or how to give out correct nutritional advice. You don’t always have to ask personal trainers in your gym, you could go elsewhere and look online at some of the best personal trainers in the UK. There are plenty of coaches out there who would love to share their guidance, knowledge and wisdom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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