LEP Fitness

About Nick

I Love my Work!

This has been my absolute passion for the last 10 years, completing well-over 10,000 personal training sessions! I know EXACTLY what I’m doing and I CAN help you achieve the goals you want.

My knowledge, passion and enthusiasm continues to grow on a daily basis as I help others achieve goals they wouldn’t have previously thought possible. I do this by providing structured transformational fitness and well-being programmes. LEP Fitness helps provide clients with daily vitality, enhanced confidence and more added happiness to their lives. Ask my clients!

To my mind, a personal trainer is a coach, a person who is your friend, someone who really cares about you. I am committed to helping you be the best you can be and I have the knowledge and experience to help because I have been there with a huge range of people, ranging from fitness fanatics to professional Ice Hockey Players, to people who have never even taken an exercise class before.

Through years of concentrated learning and focus, I can share with you new approaches that will start to immediately transform your performance and results in a matter of weeks.

When I am not helping others, I am either training or educating myself, reading the latest academic sports science journals, and tapping into the best and most recent information available in the fitness & health world. I articulate the latest fitness trends and use scientific research with your program, placing complex theories into an easy to grasp format, helping you understand your new healthy habits and making them persist in your daily routine without my continued assistance.

I would also strongly encourage we meet in person, so you can be your own judge of my passion and knowledge and participate in a Free fitness session, where we will discuss your personal ambitions and goals and then should you wish to continue, formulate a successful transformational action plan.

If you want more than a personal trainer, look no further than LEP Fitness.

Thank you